Solid Rock TV!!!

Since I started watching Solid Rock TV, no one can watch any other channel in the house!!

Hi Past Johan first of all thank you for all the revelations and truth. I am getting so exited to see you living the hart of Father and to establish the kingdom of God in His people and on earth. You will raise up a generation that will not stand back for this world but a generation that will rise up a nation in where the kingdom of God will dwell and rule and not the earth. Every day I wish I could be there just to receive the power and the anointing but I believe you will see me one day soon. Please pray for me that God will crush my circumstances and that He will put his hand on me and use me as a mighty instrument for His glory and kingdom. If you have a word for me I will be glad. Keep on stirring the law and religious people I love it. Keep well and I am jealous of what you have over there. Love you all

I have been watching God channels since morning but when I turned 2 Solid Rock TV I could feel that my problem is solved then I could immediatly feel God has answered my prayers.Portia Thompson,Botswana.


What's happening?

Were is the prayer protection thats needed to protect our teenagers and serve God?

Nobuhle made a decision to keep her body pure for God and that was the reason for ther death!She was a example by living her life only for God and His Kingdom, she always had a smile on her face and her body was a temple of God.

And she was attacked just because she didnt want to have children before marriage.

What are you prepared to sacrifice for God?


Youth today!

After what happend on Monday in a Krugersdorp school we've got an eye opener for the Spiritual dimension in which the teenagers are living in today.

What are we going to do about it?

Judgement, pointing fingers, throwing stones or are we going to stand up and show the Spirit of Jesus and have Grace and Mercy?

Morne Harmese is already in hell! Are we going to fuel the fire or are we going to pray for him and win his soul for Jesus?

And so many like him.....

Start standing up for the the Christ Generation and start praying for the young people of today!!!


NG Church baptism celebration

The NG Church Moreletta has decided to have baptism celebrations. The reason is that they baptise (if you can call it that) babies but now they don't want to loose the people who do believe in the scriptural way of baptising. So they call it baptism celebration and they don't put the people down into the water but the let the people go down themselves so they can't be accused of baptising the people again.

Here follows my comments about the matter:

They are a real bunch of compomisers. They know what is the truth. The believe what the Bible says about baptism but because they are people pleasures, love their big salaries and numbers they try to please man instead of standing for the truth! I think that is sick! We need Christian leaders with some backbone!


Solid Rock TV Rocks!

I want to thank God for giving me the previledge of watching miracles and listening the naked truth I pray that GOD bless you and solidrock from Salphinah in Malamulele town

I WANT TO SALUTE THE SOLID ROCK CHURC TONIGHT FOR THE AWESOME AWESOME WAY you WORSHIP OUR KING. I've had a hunger in me for a certain kind of worship where i can go beyond intense worship to a union with MY GOD KING i AND SAVIOUR. In my entire 57 years tonight was the first time i've experienced a worship which quenced the thirst in my spirit.PASTOR may GOD ALMIGHTY bless u and ur wife and ur church because you know how to touch GODS heart.PRS JHB.

You prayed for my mother during a live phone-in program and she was instantly and completely healed of asthma - Ps Richard from Soekmekaar

A month ago I deposited R100. Then I received meat and groceries. The following week I got R1900 cash!! On top of that, a person offered to pay half my rent! I deposit another R400 for you. Thank you that you called in the harvest!! Joey - Langebaan - We call in another mighty harvest!! - Ps Johan

I went back to the doctor yesterday after you prayed for me for a brain tumor - They could not find anything!! I am healed!!

This Sunday very early in the morning, I was lying in bed, listening in wonderment to my own breathing. I could not believe that the rasping asthmatic breathing that I had been living with for 20 years was gone!!!!! I went through the Pool of Bethesda on Saturday night! The power of God & and His glorious presence hit me!!!! Now I can breathe normally again!!! May Jesus bless you! Your obedience to our King, against all odds, has changed our lives! We firmly believe that the message of the Kingdom that Jesus has given to you must reach the nations through Solid Rock TV and any other available media!! We had a dish installed to watch Solid Rock TV and the glory of Jesus is all over us! If I had not seen this with my own eyes, I would not have believed it! - Phil

Thank you Prophet! I am healed!! You have just prayed for me! I had fibroids. The pain is gone and I am still under the anointing!! GOD is great!! Hallelujah!! - Diana - Durban
I am Gerrie from Pretoria. I sowed R200 to Solid Rock today. Please pray for me to have an encounter with Jesus! I am a backslider! Please man of GOD!!! -


You preach false doctrines!

I wonder why you always bash the law. Be careful as Gods law is the foundation of His throne and the standard of judgment. Your miracles are not from God and you preach a cheap, easy and false religion. Jesus is coming soon and we need to get ready by humbling ourselves before Him and cleanse our lives from sin through the Holy Spirit. Revelation tells of many false churches being deceived, true revival has always been keeping God's law and that includes the Biblical Sabbath, which is forgotten. - Anonymous


TV Station

Our TV station is up and running!

What ideas do you have? What would you like to see on TV. You can spread your imagination wide as it is a family channel. Anything suitable for the whole family goes! We want to create this channel especially for you so tell us what you want.

Please see website for setup instructions!


Robert Mugabe

What do you think of Mugale's comment?

"Robert Mugabe is ordained by God. The Bible says we must honour the leaders because God appointed them. All authority is given by God. People should stop talking ugly about the president of Zimbabwe. He helped that country a lot on their road to freedom and now everyone wants to kick him out."

"We should rather do what the Bible says and pray for the honoured president. He is the man that can help the whole of Africa. Remember how he silenced the homosexuals? No other leader had the guts to do that!"

"Hooray to the Lion of Africa!"

Dan 9 coming into fulfillment

Received the following SMS today: "Perez wants the peace talks speeded up. Bush is going next week to Israel with the 60th celebration en meets with Omajar. Dan 9 is busy being fulfilled!"

What saith thou?

I say: TRASH!! Dan 9, according to verse 24, 25 was supposed to be fulfilled 490 years after the command to restore Jerusalem was given! That was in 457 BC when Artaxerxes gave the command. 490 years after that bring us to 34AD. It's been fulfilled long ago!


Solid Rock TV

Advertise or broadcast on Solid Rock TV at ridiculously low prices! Phone Johan v Wyk on +27 (0) 82-766-7111 or see our website www.solidrock.ch

Lucifer is not satan

Why do Christians say Lucifer is satan? Where does the Bible say it is satan? Where does the Bible say he was leading the music in heaven? Where does the Bible say he was an archangel? I believe not!

The Great Tribulation

Where does the Bible say there is a seven year great tribulation?


Where does the Bible say there is a rapture with a great tribulation following?



Hi to all the mighty men and women of God

Welcome to my blog spot! We are living in exciting times...We have been called and equipped to be conquerors and workers of great and mighty deeds. Yup! I'm talking about miracles! Miracles are not supernatural phenomena designed for the "old days," the working of miracles are for now, for you and I. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that the world is in dire need of men and women of God that are prepared to seek His face and know His power. This blog is dedicated to those men and women that are hungry for the things of God and desire to do the will of God.

Bless you all!


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