TV Station

Our TV station is up and running!

What ideas do you have? What would you like to see on TV. You can spread your imagination wide as it is a family channel. Anything suitable for the whole family goes! We want to create this channel especially for you so tell us what you want.

Please see website for setup instructions!


Robert Mugabe

What do you think of Mugale's comment?

"Robert Mugabe is ordained by God. The Bible says we must honour the leaders because God appointed them. All authority is given by God. People should stop talking ugly about the president of Zimbabwe. He helped that country a lot on their road to freedom and now everyone wants to kick him out."

"We should rather do what the Bible says and pray for the honoured president. He is the man that can help the whole of Africa. Remember how he silenced the homosexuals? No other leader had the guts to do that!"

"Hooray to the Lion of Africa!"

Dan 9 coming into fulfillment

Received the following SMS today: "Perez wants the peace talks speeded up. Bush is going next week to Israel with the 60th celebration en meets with Omajar. Dan 9 is busy being fulfilled!"

What saith thou?

I say: TRASH!! Dan 9, according to verse 24, 25 was supposed to be fulfilled 490 years after the command to restore Jerusalem was given! That was in 457 BC when Artaxerxes gave the command. 490 years after that bring us to 34AD. It's been fulfilled long ago!


Solid Rock TV

Advertise or broadcast on Solid Rock TV at ridiculously low prices! Phone Johan v Wyk on +27 (0) 82-766-7111 or see our website www.solidrock.ch

Lucifer is not satan

Why do Christians say Lucifer is satan? Where does the Bible say it is satan? Where does the Bible say he was leading the music in heaven? Where does the Bible say he was an archangel? I believe not!

The Great Tribulation

Where does the Bible say there is a seven year great tribulation?


Where does the Bible say there is a rapture with a great tribulation following?