Why Why?

Your not pleading you are begging, all to enrich yourself. You will be punished. What do you need this time. Another new car! U trash the 10 commandments, Solomon, anti-christ, lucifer was a king ect.

What does the Bible say about offering?
Give us you comments and we will discuss it?


Comments! What do you think?

After deciding only to preach the truth this year, we had some comments concerning our teachings:

Gods word is Gods word. Every thing that is written in the bible is meant 2 be there. Open your spiritual eyes. God would not have put lucifer in the bible if he didnt want 2. All scripture is God breathed. God can an do any thing He wants 2 an when He wants 2. Satan is not a man an neither is lucifer. Cant u comprehend. We are 2 worship in spirit and in truth. We were made in Gods image an our soul excistance is 2 worship Him an be His servants.

I am not twisting the bible merely pointing out that u are reading the whole scripture out of context. Pray that the Holy Spirit will help u in understanding before u read. Satan or lucifer is a fallen angel. He is a spirit not a man. He manifests himself an other demons an evil spirits through man. We are in flesh an spirit rem. Why do u think God came 2 earth. Bless God.

Read is from v 3 Esp v 12 . Then read the book of revelation. An another thing God gave man a free will. All God wants from us is 2 worship Him in spirit and in truth. Be humble an stay humble. Read phil 3 10 2 13 as well. Bless God all praise an glory 2 His Holy name.

Satan lucifer was not a man. He was a fallen angel an was kicked out of heaven by God with all his fallen angels who choose 2 follow him. To be exact one third of them. Be carefull what u preach. Gods word is not 2 be changed.

Johan, jy haal nou tipiese Jehova getuie truuks uit. Jy kan nie jou doktrine baseer op ñ wanintrepasie van een teks nie. Hoekom ignoreer julle 2 Petrus 3:3-17, Openb 2O-22? Let veral op in 2 Pet 3 na verse 1O tot 13. Dit moet nog gebeur so ek weet nie hoe ons nou al in die koningkryk kan wees nie. 1 Kor 6:1O se duidelik wie nie in die koninkryk van God sal wees nie. Die koninkryk wat jy verkondig staan in skrille kontras met God sin. Ek is jammer, maar jy verkondig ñ valse evangelie.

Johan, as jou bediening werklik van die lewende God was sou jy geantwoord op my sms. Ek weet jy weet dat jou "bediening" van satan is en dat jy soos Kobus v Rensburg, TB Joshua en soortgelyke valse "profete" mammon gerig is en geen flenter omgee vir die waarheid van die evangelie nie. Jesus se koms is naby. Ek bid dat jy Jesus sal soek terwyl Hy nog te vinde is.

Jou onverdraagsame onderrok hang vandag lelik uit. Jy is besig om valse doktrines te verkondig en verlore siele hel toe te sleep. Nee pastoor Braveheart, die koningkryk is nog nie hier nie. Ek vra jou; hoekom sterf mense in hierdie koningkryk elke dag? Jy sal nie antwoord nie want jy weet jy belieg jou volgelinge. Sies vir jou.

Kom uit haar uit my volk.Jes 8:20.Tot d wet en tot d getuienis.As hulle nie hiervolgens spreek nie?Geen lig.Johan be honest,you doing this 4 the money.SHAME!

Johan luister.Ons MOET die gebooie onderhou.Waneer jy onder d wet is,dan doen j sonde.D.W.S.Die wet oordeel jou.Waneer nie,is jy oner GOD se genade, wt jo in stat stel om sy gebooie t hou.Ons mut dan ook al d gebooie onderhou.Wie in 1 struikel,is skuldig aan almal.JESUS HET D GEBOOIE GEHOU.GROETE

Glo jy as pastoor dat Jesus opgestaan het?as so waarom hang Hy nog aan die kruis in jul kerk en om jou nek?Dis uit die bose en n roomskatolieke bygeloof!want Jesus hang nie meer HY HET OPGESTAAN!

What do you think? Tell us and we can start preaching the Gospel to the Nations. Jesus Christ came to save us, and set us free from all Law and condemnation!!!

Bless you
Johan van Wyk & Team



Dear Saints

What a month coming up in February at Solid Rock Church of Miracles:

The first weekend of February is the Anointed Prophet Ron Kussmaul with us for 6 services in one weekend (10am,2pm and 6pm), it is going to change lives and miracles will happen again(7-8).

The second weekend it is Tom Scarella from the USA coming to us for two services only but what a Revivalist, bringing the fire of God with him and just gives new Zeal where ever he goes. That will be (14-15).

And then the last weekend we have Andre Shroder with us for the weekend. Also such an anointed man of God. You dont want to miss him, or what he has to say to us!

We bless you and we love you!!
Dont miss out on this anointed men of God.


Whats happening at Solid Rock Church in 2009!

God has and is so good to us! We have our own TV Channel which we can reach millions of people and also get the truth out there. We have so many testimonies of people watching our Channel and being healed, set free from bondages, and also listen to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We even have testimonies of peoples marriages being saved.

Here is some Testimonies:

Hello Pastor my name is Kate from Delta State Nigeria I was the one that send text about three days ago asking you to pray for the peace of God to rain in my marriage and for my husband to come back to me. Thank God because he has use you Pastor to put peace in my marriage.

Thank you for preaching the words of God

Awesome service thank you for being faithful with the TV station

What do you think about these people, giving their testimonies of what God is doing in there lives? How much more will he do for you?

Remember you are the apple of His eye!!!

Stay blessed till tomorrow>