Dear Saints

What a month coming up in February at Solid Rock Church of Miracles:

The first weekend of February is the Anointed Prophet Ron Kussmaul with us for 6 services in one weekend (10am,2pm and 6pm), it is going to change lives and miracles will happen again(7-8).

The second weekend it is Tom Scarella from the USA coming to us for two services only but what a Revivalist, bringing the fire of God with him and just gives new Zeal where ever he goes. That will be (14-15).

And then the last weekend we have Andre Shroder with us for the weekend. Also such an anointed man of God. You dont want to miss him, or what he has to say to us!

We bless you and we love you!!
Dont miss out on this anointed men of God.

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