Solid Rock TV!!!

Since I started watching Solid Rock TV, no one can watch any other channel in the house!!

Hi Past Johan first of all thank you for all the revelations and truth. I am getting so exited to see you living the hart of Father and to establish the kingdom of God in His people and on earth. You will raise up a generation that will not stand back for this world but a generation that will rise up a nation in where the kingdom of God will dwell and rule and not the earth. Every day I wish I could be there just to receive the power and the anointing but I believe you will see me one day soon. Please pray for me that God will crush my circumstances and that He will put his hand on me and use me as a mighty instrument for His glory and kingdom. If you have a word for me I will be glad. Keep on stirring the law and religious people I love it. Keep well and I am jealous of what you have over there. Love you all

I have been watching God channels since morning but when I turned 2 Solid Rock TV I could feel that my problem is solved then I could immediatly feel God has answered my prayers.Portia Thompson,Botswana.

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